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Holland Biggest Exporter Of Meat In Europe.

According to numbers by the CBS in Holland regarding export of meat in Europe, Holland was the biggest exporter of meat to Europe. A total of 8.8 billion euros of meat has been exported, with Spain, Germany and Poland following closely with their export. From these numbers, Holland was the biggest exporter of beef and veal, second in poultry (behind Poland) and fourth exporter in pork, behind Spain Germany and Denmark. Most of the meat is transported to countries like Germany, United Kingdom and even China. A great deal of meat is being produced in Holland, with 85% being produced there and the remaining 15% is re-export or transit.

A grand total of 3,6 billion kilograms of meat was exported out of Holland, and we here at Translane are proud to have been a part in this process. We have exported a lot of meat, and continue to keep doing so. We just received a new order for export of frozen chicken, and will thus further contribute to the export figures of the CBS in Holland.

If you have any questions regarding export or import of frozen meat or other frozen goods, do not hesitate to contact us.

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